17 May. 2024

TTX CORE 23-Baltic Final Exercise Report

This report focuses largely on syndicate responses to the exercise scenario vign

02 May. 2024

Assessing Gas Security & Resilience into the Future

This article demonstrates the challenges of assessing how gas security might loo

25 Apr. 2024

Unlocking Potential: Synthetic Fuels in Modern Military Operations

Synthetic fuels represent a transformative solution for modern military forces s

23 Apr. 2024

State-of-the-Art: Energy Efficiency Technologies Transforming the States. Renewable (weather-dependent) Power Generation

Weather-dependent power generation resources generally rely on natural climate a

22 Apr. 2024

Infrastructure needed for e-mobility with a case study in a German context

The electrification of transportation is deemed pivotal in reducing CO2 emission

15 Apr. 2024

Why is Critical Underwater Infrastructure the target?

This article aims to shed light on why CUI has become a target and to examine th

25 Mar. 2024

Solar Fuels: A Beacon of Sustainable Energy for a Brighter Future

In the pursuit of sustainable energy sources, solar fuels have emerged as a prom

25 Mar. 2024

How do you become an expert in Energy Security?

A case study evaluating education requirements for a comprehensive approach.

21 Dec. 2023

Climate change related problems to hydropower plants in the tropics and sub-tropics

This article focuses on problems emerging from climatic changes, caused primaril

01 Dec. 2023

Rare earth minerals and clean technologies nexus at the background of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Rare earth elements (REE) are key enablers for the ongoing energy and environmen

22 Nov. 2023

Mission Net-Zero: Charting the Path for E-Fuels in the Military

This paper focuses on the complexities of decarbonizing military mobility and in

03 Oct. 2023

Towards a Fundamental Rethink: Analysing the Institutionalisation of Energy in NATO across the DOTMLPFI Spectrum

The analysis is structured along the lines of DOTMLPFI (Doctrine, Organization,

12 Sep. 2023

Energy Highlights No.18

In this edition, the authors have attempted to outline the very broad term of Cr

04 Sep. 2023

Preliminary Technical Analysis of the Establishment of Information Security Operations Centers in Companies with Critical Energy Infrastructure

The purpose of this handbook is to present an extended evaluation, analysis, pre

03 Jul. 2023

Maritime Improvised Explosive Device (M-IED) Threat to Energy Security

There is no doubt that adversaries and terrorists consistently strive to develop

03 Apr. 2023

Climate change mitigation in the Armed Forces – greenhouse gas emission reduction – challenges and opportunities for Green Defense

The aim of this study is to get further insight into climate change impacts on t

02 Mar. 2023

Solar Energy developments – How much does cost to make it “in”?

This is a first impression report from the combined conference and exhibition -

02 Feb. 2023

European energy crunch and its impact on energy markets 

Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russia’s aim has been to make

04 Jan. 2023

North Africa and the European Union: An option for technically controllable and politically reliable solar electricity supply?

25 Oct. 2022

Is de-carbonising the construction industry possible? An overview of advances in materials and processes

12 Jul. 2022

TTX CORE 20-Ukraine Final Exercise Report

In recognition of the strategic importance of the Black Sea region to NATO and i

16 Jun. 2022

Energy Highlights No.17

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has plunged the European continent int

09 May. 2022

Offshore wind farms – challenges, risks and opportunities for building more resilient national energy systems

The energy transition is a pathway toward transformation of the global energy se

15 Mar. 2022

Tabletop Exercise: Coherent Resilience Baltic 2021 (CORE 21-B) – Final Report

CORE 21-B was a TTX on the Baltic States and hybrid threats to the regional elec

01 Feb. 2022

Energy Management Handbook

The purpose of the book is to explain the principles of, and provide advice on t

26 Jan. 2022


This guide provides an analysis of technology based threats, both intentional an

21 Dec. 2021

The Hidden Threat to Baltic Undersea Power Cables

20 Dec. 2021

Concentrating solar power (CSP) – Technologies, costs, and potentials

23 Nov. 2021

Assessment study of cybersecurity of smart-grid technologies employed in operational camps

The major focus of the work was to evaluate the cybersecurity aspects of industr

22 Nov. 2021

Connecting production facilities and transport infrastructure for creating robust and carbon-neutral sector-integrated energy systems

Energy security of nations is a precondition for developing economic wealth and