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  • 19 Apr. 2024

    24th Steering Committee meeting was held in Tallinn

    On 17-18th of April 2024, members of the Steering Committee of The NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence met in Tallinn, Estonia.

  • 11 Apr. 2024

    NATO ENSEC COE’s Expert Contributes to Operational Energy Summit 2024

    On 9-10th of April, NATO ENSEC COE’s expert had the privilege to participate in the esteemed Operational Energy Summit 2024 held in Reston, VA.

  • 10 Apr. 2024

    COE staff members met with NATO Assistant Secretary General

    COE staff members met with NATO Assistant Secretary General for Innovation, Hybrid and Cyber, David Van Weel, visiting strategic energy objects in Lithuania.

  • 26 Mar. 2024

    NATO ENSEC COE organized Annual Discipline Conference

    This event was organized to review and update requirements and validate or adjust the Education and Training (E&T) solutions to ensure that E&T remains aligned with evolving needs, available technology and resources.

  • 25 Mar. 2024

    Welcome to “In Less Than 1000 Words,” – where insights meet impact and knowledge powers progress

    Welcome to “In Less Than 1000 Words”, a unique series of publications that stands out for its dedication to unpacking the complex landscape of energy security and the transition towards sustainable energy systems.

  • 15 Mar. 2024

    NATO and Moldova Strengthen Energy Resilience against Cyber and Hybrid Threats

    Experts from NATO and the Republic of Moldova have been working together to enhance the resilience of the country’s critical energy infrastructure against cyber and hybrid threats. 

  • 07 Mar. 2024

    Application to the Energy Efficiency in Military Operations Course (EEMOC) is open

    Partnered with academia and industry, EEMOC is designed for NATO and partner countries’ military and civilian personnel to enhance awareness and knowledge on the importance of energy efficiency in military operations. Whether you’re looking to NATO’s

  • 29 Feb. 2024

    NATO Operational Energy Concept Writing Team met to finalise the draft

    On 26-29 February 2024, the 4th Meeting of the NATO OEC WT was held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, USA.

  • 01 Feb. 2024

    Registration to Operational Level Energy Security Course at BATLDEFCOL is now open

    On 18-22nd of March 2024, Baltic Defence College and NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence is organizing annual Operational Level Energy Security Course. The aim of the course is to apply energy security factors relevant to NATO by introducing fundamental

  • 20 Jan. 2024

    Deployed Camp Energy Metering & Planning Course was held by ENSEC COE

    On 15-19 January 2024, the NATO ENSEC COE organized the Deployed Camp Energy Metering & Planning Course at the NATO ENSEC COE headquarters in Vilnius and at the modular military camp “Jonas” in Kazlų Rūda, attended by representatives of the NATO ENSEC COE, t

  • 12 Jan. 2024

    ENSEC COE visited by Generals from Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum

    On 12th of January NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence was visited by delegations from NATO Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum led by DCOS OPS Maj. Gen. J. Staudenraus and DCOS PLANS Maj. Gen. M. Pullan. Guests were introduced to the ENSEC COE functi

  • 18 Dec. 2023

    Director of ENSEC COE participated in Energy conference in Riga

    On 11-12th of December, Col. Darius Užkuraitis, Director of NATO ENSEC COE participated in Energy Conference “Energy Trilemma: The Backbone for Energy Transition – Baltic Sea Region Focus” organized by World Energy Council, Latvian National Committee in Riga.

  • 11 Nov. 2023

    Tabletop Exercise “Coherent Resilience 2023 Baltic” took place in Riga

    On the 13-17th of November Tabletop Exercise “Coherent Resilience 2023 Baltic” was taking place in Riga, Latvia.

  • 20 Oct. 2023

    23rd Steering Committee meeting took place in Tbilisi

    On 18-19th of October members of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence Steering Committee, Observers of ENSEC COE and ENSEC COE Staff members met in Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • 14 Oct. 2023

    NATO Operational Energy Concept experimentation phase was carried out in the NATO exercise Steadfast Jupiter 2023

    An experimentation phase of the NATO Operational Energy Concept development has been carried out within the NATO exercise Steadfast Jupiter 2023 in Romania.

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    • 23 Apr. 2024

      State-of-the-Art: Energy Efficiency Technologies Transforming the States. Renewable (weather-dependent) Power Generation

      Weather-dependent power generation resources generally rely on natural climate a

    • 22 Apr. 2024

      Infrastructure needed for e-mobility with a case study in a German context

      The electrification of transportation is deemed pivotal in reducing CO2 emission

    • 15 Apr. 2024

      Why is Critical Underwater Infrastructure the target?

      This article aims to shed light on why CUI has become a target and to examine th

    • 25 Mar. 2024

      Solar Fuels: A Beacon of Sustainable Energy for a Brighter Future

      In the pursuit of sustainable energy sources, solar fuels have emerged as a prom

    • 25 Mar. 2024

      How do you become an expert in Energy Security?

      A case study evaluating education requirements for a comprehensive approach.

    • 21 Dec. 2023

      Climate change related problems to hydropower plants in the tropics and sub-tropics

      This article focuses on problems emerging from climatic changes, caused primaril

    • 01 Dec. 2023

      Rare earth minerals and clean technologies nexus at the background of Russia’s war in Ukraine

      Rare earth elements (REE) are key enablers for the ongoing energy and environmen

    • 22 Nov. 2023

      Mission Net-Zero: Charting the Path for E-Fuels in the Military

      This paper focuses on the complexities of decarbonizing military mobility and in

    • 03 Oct. 2023

      Towards a Fundamental Rethink: Analysing the Institutionalisation of Energy in NATO across the DOTMLPFI Spectrum

      The analysis is structured along the lines of DOTMLPFI (Doctrine, Organization,

    • 12 Sep. 2023

      Energy Highlights No.18

      In this edition, the authors have attempted to outline the very broad term of Cr

    • 04 Sep. 2023

      Preliminary Technical Analysis of the Establishment of Information Security Operations Centers in Companies with Critical Energy Infrastructure

      The purpose of this handbook is to present an extended evaluation, analysis, pre

    • 03 Jul. 2023

      Maritime Improvised Explosive Device (M-IED) Threat to Energy Security

      There is no doubt that adversaries and terrorists consistently strive to develop

    • 03 Apr. 2023

      Climate change mitigation in the Armed Forces – greenhouse gas emission reduction – challenges and opportunities for Green Defense

      The aim of this study is to get further insight into climate change impacts on t

    • 02 Mar. 2023

      Solar Energy developments – How much does cost to make it “in”?

      This is a first impression report from the combined conference and exhibition –

    • 02 Feb. 2023

      European energy crunch and its impact on energy markets 

      Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russia’s aim has been to make

      • 13 – 17 Sep. 2021 Odesa, Ukraine

        Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2020 (Hybrid Threats – The Black Sea Region)

        This Black Sea region – related TTX was aimed at furthering the capabilities of Ukrainian national and local authorities in crisis response and enhancing resi

      • 24 – 28 Oct. 2022 Versaille, France

        Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2022-CEPS (CORE 22-CEPS)

        The TableTop Exercise (TTX) Coherent Resilience 2022 (CORE 22-CEPS) has been co-organized by the NATO ENSEC COE, Central Europe Pipeline System Programme Office

      • 13 – 17 Nov. 2023 Riga, Latvia

        Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2023 Baltic (CORE 23-B)

        NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (ENSEC COE) together with European Commision Joint Research Centre (JRC) of and US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) exe

      • 12 – 14 Mar. 2024 Moldova

        Tabletop Exercise Coherent Resilience 2024 Moldova (CORE 24-M)

        CORE-24 M focused on deepening collaboration between Moldovan energy operators and cyber defenders, ensuring the country is prepared to deal with non-convention


        • 01 May. 2021 – 30 Jun. 2024 NATO

          NATO Operational Energy Concept Development

          In early 2021, HQ SACT has proposed to the NATO ENSEC COE to elaborate a NATO Concept on operational energy delivered to the forces in operations and exerc