01 May. 2021 - 30 Jun. 2024 NATO

In early 2021, HQ SACT has proposed to the NATO ENSEC COE to elaborate a NATO Concept on operational energy delivered to the forces in operations and exercises.

The development of the NATO Operational Energy Concept (OEC) was included in the HQ SACT 2022 CD&E Program of Work (POW) and is linked to the Warfare Development Imperative (WDI) “Layered Resilience” of the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept (NWCC). 

The NATO OEC should include the energy necessary for training, moving, and sustaining military forces and weapons platforms for military operations. It should obviously deal with Energy Management in its entirety (production, procurement, transportation, storage, distribution, quality control, accountability, data collection, security, protection, etc.) and provide guidance for the main principles in order to design future NATO energy standards.

The NATO ENSECCOE will lead the NATO OEC development effort under the supervision of HQ SACT Logistic & Sustainment (L&S) Branch and the support of HQ SACT’s CD&E Branch.