The Program of Work (POW) is the document setting out the NATO ENSEC COE’s annual activities for each calendar year as well as the long-term perspectives of these activities.

The POW is approved annually by the NATO ENSEC COE Steering Committee (SC). The SC is the main body for guidance, oversight and decision-making on any matter concerning the administration, policies and operation of the NATO ENSEC COE.

The SC comprises representatives from the Centre’s Sponsoring and Framework Nations.

POW 2024:

  • Support for Global Programming
  • Participation to Exercise/Conference
  • Subject Matter Expert Support for NATO and Partner Energy Security related Lectures and Training Events
  • SME and Department Head support to NATO Certified Operational Level Courses
  • SME and Department Head support to NATO Certified Tactical Level Courses
  • Update Energy Security ADL Courses
  • NATO ENSEC COE Personnel Collective Training
  • TTX “CORE 24 Moldova” supporting the resiliency of Critical Energy Infrastructure against hybrid threats
  • TTX “CORE 23 Baltic” Follow-up
  • Support for Exercise “Steadfast Jupiter 24”
  • ENSEC Courses to develop competence, knowledge and experience of SSSCIP Staff (UKR)

  • Development of concept, doctrine and standards related with military aspects of Energy security
  • Support ACT efforts in the Bi-SC contribution to NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) and in ongoing ACT Capability Area Group (CAG) activities in preparation for NDPP Step 2 “Determine requirements” to strengthen the energy security and efficiency of NATO forces
  • Improving experimentation capability in the NATO ENSEC COE
  • Private Sector Cooperation
  • NATO Operational Energy Concept
  • Participating to develop the Layered Resilience Concept (LRC) deliverable under the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept (NWCC)
  • Improving Capabilities using Electric Bikes for Special Military Activities
  • Forces Facilities Collaboration

  • Strategic analysis of current global/long term energy security events and continuous support of internal and external capacity building and awareness raising on energy security issues
  • Strategic Foresight Analysis – Framework for Future Alliance Operations
  • Biannual international seminar or workshop from NATO HQ, SHAPE, Governemental Organizations
  • Strategic Analysis Support research and/or analysis study
  • Ad Hock Overview/Informative Note in Line with Development of the Situation
  • Study on the description of energy security analytical approach (process lead internally by SAD)

  • General R&D and LL mission support activity
  • Energy Highlights publication
  • ACT Lessons Learned Annual Activities 2024 (Placeholder)
  • A specified and requested research and/or analysis study (Placeholder)
  • STO – SAS
  • Experimentation with alternative energy source ON DEMAND follow up from FRA experiment in 2023
  • Electro-Mobility Dual-Use. Research & Experimentation. Project for 5 years involving civil and military equipment analysis
  • NATO Operational Energy Concept experimentation
  • Participate in the development effort of the Joint Concept for Operations in Cold Weather Environments