Welcome to the NATO ENSEC COE Procurement webpage where you can find key information about business opportunities with the NATO ENSEC COE.

In case you are interested in the announced tenders, you are kindly requested to keep the instructions in the “Invitation For Bidding”, complete the Supplier Cover Sheet for the procurement and submit it along with your bid (quote or proposal) electronically to info@enseccoe.org

The NATO ENSEC COE reserves the right to accept the whole or part of any bid (quotation/offer), to reject all bids (quotations/offers), or to suspend the bidding process at any time prior to contract award. The NATO ENSEC COE also reserves the right to enter into negotiation with the lowest technically acceptable bidder. The NATO ENSEC COE does not accept any liability for above mention action(s) as well as any obligation to inform the affected bidder(s) of the reason for the NATO ENSEC COE’s action.

Invitations For Bidding

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Contract Award Decision (CAD)