12 Sep. 2023

Energy Highlights No.18

In this edition, the authors have attempted to outline the very broad term of Cr

16 Jun. 2022

Energy Highlights No.17

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has plunged the European continent int

09 May. 2022

Offshore wind farms – challenges, risks and opportunities for building more resilient national energy systems

The energy transition is a pathway toward transformation of the global energy se

20 Oct. 2021

Energy Highlights No.16

The clean energy transition is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges of

18 Oct. 2021

The Future Role of Nuclear Propulsion in the Military

The splitting of the atom is without a doubt one of humanity’s greatest techno

10 Sep. 2021

Energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in NATO and PfP countries’ military operations


17 Aug. 2021

Military aspects of energy security with emphasis on interdependencies between the civil energy sector as a supplier and military as a consumer

26 Jul. 2021

Energy Highlights No.15

These three very different articles serve as an important reminder that energy s

10 Jun. 2021

Impact of COVID-19 on NATO energy security -view on fuels, gas and renewable energy

COVID-19 has caused exceptional turmoil in world energy markets and societies, b

22 Apr. 2021

Role of windfarms for national grids – challenges, risks, and chances for energy security

Chapter 1 – Wind Energy Systems and TechnologiesChapter 2 – Radar Systems an

12 Mar. 2021

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative propellant in the naval field

The fuel or energy source has a large impact on the operating emissions in shipp

26 Feb. 2021

Hybrid warfare against Critical Energy Infrastructure: The Case of Ukraine

This study identifies and analyses the success of different hybrid warfare tools

18 Feb. 2021

The Synchronization of the Baltic States’: Geopolitical Implications on the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond

The paper shows that the Baltic States are consistently getting closer to achiev

30 Nov. 2020

Energy Highlights No.14

This issue of Energy Highlights is a direct response to these challenges we face

03 Jun. 2020

Energy Highlights No.13

This issue of Operational Highlights provides a timely overview of the emerging

24 May. 2019

IESMA 2018 Special Edition

The Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications (IESMA), a biennial in

01 Jan. 2019

Energy Highlights No.12

Changing security aspects for future energy systems: Renewable energy and possib

18 Dec. 2017

Energy Highlights No.11

Energy Security: Eight Relevant LessonsMICHAEL RÜHLERelevant political and tech

15 Oct. 2015

Energy Highlights No.9

Energy Resource Management of the Italian ArmyCIRO APREA AND VINCENZO CARI’Ove

25 Mar. 2015

Energy Highlights No.8

2014: A Watershed Year for Energy SecurityMICHAEL RÜHLERussia’s illegal annex

25 Nov. 2014

Energy Highlights No.7


27 Jun. 2014

Energy Highlights No.6

Energy Security Discipline Development in NATO: First Steps for Moving Forward

21 Mar. 2014

Energy Highlights No.5

NATO and Energy Security: Current Achievements and Future Challenges SORIN DU

13 Feb. 2014

Energy Highlights No.4

National Research Council of Canada (NRC) backs up historic civil 100 percent bi

14 Aug. 2013

Energy Highlights No.3

Smart Energy at “Capable Logistician 2013” Dr. Susanne Michaelis In mi

09 Jul. 2013

Energy Highlights No.2

Energy Self-Sufficient Military Installations: Rewards and Obstacles John R.

09 May. 2013

Energy Highlights No.1

New Scenarios for the Arctic: Hot Developments in the High North Florinda GIA

10 Apr. 0216

Energy Highlights No.10

Estonia’s Developing Level Playing Field for Critical Energy Infrastructure Pr