09 Jul. 2013

Energy Self-Sufficient Military Installations: Rewards and Obstacles

John R. Deni, PhD

Energy self-sufficient installations are not simply a worthy goal: they represent a wise policy choice. Can the significant impediments, including up-front investment costs, land requirements, and cultural hurdles be overcome in this context?

Strategy Options for Installation of Modern Energy Technologies into Military Bases

Vytautas Keršiulis

Innovative solutions help to move towards smart net-zero energy bases, which contribute to successful completion of mission. Tailor made solutions, advanced technologies and proper policy formation and implementation are seen as a way for securing successful application of these innovations for military needs.

How Relevant are Today’s Energy Efficiency Technologies to Deployed Military Bases?

Tom Barker

With today’s priorities, energy efficiency should not cloud the outputs of a deployed military base. Nevertheless, improvement and development we are seeing now must continue if we are to maintain the freedom of our Armed Forces to operate effectively in the future.