14 Oct. 2021

With this series of conferences, we wanted to explore the link between climate change, energy security and their consequences for NATO action. To do this, we have gathered over twenty researchers and experts from different organizations each holding various perspectives. Utilizing their collective expertise enriching the discussions related to this subject, compare their points of view and share their analysis to bring out new ideas and underline the unanimous forecasts.

The summary of these discussions should provide you with the gist of these debates to give you the opportunity to quickly collect the main ideas and enrich your reflections on this upheaval that awaits us. It is also our Centre’s contribution to spread the awareness among NATO Alliance leaders of the need for international cooperation on this subject and a review of the long-term strategic context.

Speakers’ Biographies

Panel 1: Climate change and energy related security crisis

Panel 2: Regional Risks of Climate Change and Lessons Learned

Panel 3: Climate change and energy security issues in the sphere of armed forces of NATO nations

Panel 4: Technological advancements in the sphere of military energy in combatting climate change