01 Feb. 2022

The purpose of the Energy Management Handbook for DFI is to explain the principles of, and provide advice on, the practical application of an energy management process during deployment. The purpose is not to dictate a list of EE measures that should be applied in every deployed camp; rather, the reader of the handbook should use the guidance to successfully implement an energy management process at their camp and apply context-specific measures. The handbook is primarily focused on Tier 2 standards of services and accommodation and, to a limited extent, Tier 3.3

The information is intended to assist and to provide a Quick Reference Guide for those personnel who are required to plan, deliver, evaluate, and support EM measure(s) to a force deployed on an expeditionary operation. This handbook is written to assist personnel in the following roles:

  • The deployed Officer or Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of implementing the energy management process (e.g. the Energy Manager);
  • The deployed Environmental Officer;
  • The deployed Infrastructure Officer;
  • The deployed Engineering Officer;
  • The operational Joint Engineer Officer.

Wherever possible, the relevant staff from the list above should become familiar with the handbook during their Pre-Deployment Training phase.

This handbook is not intended for use as a planning-tool at the strategic and operational levels, but it can be a good source of information at these levels to understand the practical work required in the field of energy management.