14 Aug. 2013

Smart Energy at “Capable Logistician 2013”

Dr. Susanne Michaelis

In military trials, Microgrids that combine diesel generators with renewable energy sources, energy efficient consumers and intelligent power management have proven to be a real fuel saver for deployed camps. NATO is helping nations with showcasing their success stories and developing a common approach.

Polish Energy Security Policy – A New Approach Is Needed

Dr. Robert Czulda

Poland puts a large emphasis on energy security, but it is associated mainly with conventional resources such as oil and natural gas. Alternative energy projects for military purposes are still low on the agenda. Will a near future bring a change?

Are There Any Opportunities for Adding A Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection Aspect to Nato Training Exercises in Europe?

Heiki Jakson

NATO is to host its biggest training event since the end of the Cold War and the first which is to test the NATO Response Force’s capabilities in respect to the Baltic region. Is there room for adding a critical energy infrastructure protection aspect in the military exercise setting and scenario development?