27 Jun. 2014

Energy Security Discipline Development in NATO: First Steps for Moving Forward


ATO is shifting from a “deployed” to an “exercising” posture, education and training in the area of energy security are to become pivotal in maintaining interoperability and coping with traditional and emerging challenges on global scale. First steps facilitating the process of ’’operationalization’’ of the Training Requirements on Energy Security are expected to ensure appropriate embedment of NATO standards and moving towards a comprehensive NATO’s energy security agenda.

Canadian Case Studies on Energy Efficiency During Operations

Lloyd Chubbs

In order to provide technical and procedural solutions to improving energy efficiency in the military domain, it must first be identified how much energy is consumed during an operation and where. The Canadian military has taken the lead by conducting studies and providing examples on the actual energy and environmental consumption during a number of operations in various climates.

Considering Public-Private Partnership Solutions in the Framework of Energy Security: a Spanish Case


The emerging global challenges in the field of energy necessitate creative solutions which guarantee a high level of energy security and efficiency. The Spanish business model supported by new Spanish National Security Strategy provides an example of an innovative solution addressing energy efficiency and security concerns.