13 Feb. 2014

The topic which we have chosen for the eighth volume of the “Energy Security Forum” attracted an interest of some really recognized experts in the field. This awarded us with the possibility to publish the most extensive issue of the journal which this time includes seven articles. All of them explore one major dilemma: how to find a balance between the need to protect critical
energy infrastructure objects and a fear to lose important classified information if this is done not by the owners of this infrastructure?

Commercial Confidentiality: An Obstacle to Effective Mitigation to Cyber Attacks of Critical Energy Infrastructures?
Dr. Frank Umbach

Is Information Sharing a Help or Hindrance to Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection?
Dr. Kevin Rosner

Confidentiality of Commercial Information and Collective Action in the Case of Energy Security Threats
Dr. Sijbren de Jong

Barriers to Information Sharing Negatively Impact Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection
Ernie Hayden

Information Sharing for Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection: Finding value & overcoming challenges
Dr. Jennifer Giroux and Laura Melkunaite

Sharing confidential commercial information for ensuring availability of critical infrastructure: technology opportunities and perspectives
Dr. Jürgo-Sören Preden

Public-Private Partnerships for Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection: Benefits and Challenges of Information Sharing
Katerina Oskarsson