12 Sep. 2023

In this edition, the authors have attempted to outline the very broad term of Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) from a wide range of perspectives. On the one hand, there is the simple question: what does actually belong to the CEI? As the examples showed, it is not just the power plants, pipelines and fuel depots. The variety of facilities and objectives is much wider. On the other hand – what dependencies inevitably arise, if you shift the focus of energy supply or fail to relocate it? Finally, yet importantly – how easy it is to jeopardize the energy security of entire regions with the smallest of resources and unforeseen events. Those are the questions and the driving objectives of the energy security research nowadays.

“Costs of building new energy infrastructure and transporting energy for a future sector-integrating energy system with a focus on Europe”
By Dr Jutta Lauf and Dr. Reiner Zimmermann

“European energy crunch and its impact on energy markets”
By Marju Kõrts, Research Estonian SME, Reseach & Lessons Learned Division

“North Africa and the European Union: An option for technically controllable and politically reliable solar electricity supply?”
By Dr. Jutta Lauf and Dr. Reiner Zimmermann

“Is de-carbonising the construction industry possible? An overview of advances in materials and processes”
By Dr. Jutta Lauf

“Maritime Improvised Explosive Device (M-IED) Threat to Energy Security”
By CDR H.Ceyhun Ture, SME, Education, Training Exercise Division