22 Jul. 2013

The seventh edition of “Energy Security Forum” observes what challenges can arise when implementing alternative energy sources to stationary military installations and to deployable missions. This time our experts emphasize on question “Energy self-sufficient military installations: wisdom or folly?” and give their best insights to the reader.

Energy self-sufficient military installations: wisdom or folly?
Rene D. Kanayama

Real-life options for military energy self-sufficiency
Zuzana Mjartanová

Making Installations Stand-alone – Wisdom or Folly?
Col. Paul E Roege

Military Bases’ Energy independence
Lt. Col. Ángel Gómez de Ágreda

Energy Self-Sufficient Military Installations: Assessment of the Challenges
Kelvin Wong

The seventh volume of “Energy Security Forum” journal is the first one officially released by NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence.