09 May. 2013

New Scenarios for the Arctic: Hot Developments in the High North


Global attention to the Arctic has grown in the last years: Arctic countries (and non-Arctic countries) have developed new security policies, military operations in the Arctic region are intensifying, and possibilities of potential crises are discussed in the media. Is there any role for NATO in all of these developments?

Fast-track Exports of US Shale Gas for NATO?


US legislation has been introduced that would expedite LNG exports to NATO Member States. What are its prospects and what else can NATO do to enhance its members’ energy security?

Harmonization of NATO’s Education and Training Policy – any Role for Partners?

Kiril Šamarin, Capt. Remigijus Žilinskas

While looking for possibilities to engage with NATO partners on the strategic level, ACT’s Joint Force Trainer has positioned itself as NATO’s authority for military education and training. What is the potential impact on Partners’ input into the Alliance’s education and training system?