16 Aug. 2021


Climate change represents a multifaceted challenge for Russia. From an economic

26 Jul. 2021

Strategic Analysis on the Energy Security Measures of Russia

The aim of the present report is to provide an analysis of the energy security m

26 Jul. 2021

Energy Highlights No.15

These three very different articles serve as an important reminder that energy s

25 Jun. 2021


Hybridization of the fighting vehicle, aircraft and warship powertrain is ongoin

10 Jun. 2021

Impact of COVID-19 on NATO energy security -view on fuels, gas and renewable energy

COVID-19 has caused exceptional turmoil in world energy markets and societies, b

05 Jun. 2021

What to expect from an energy transition for Australia’s energy security and its Defence Force?

Now that most countries are taking energy transition more seriously, Defence for

04 Jun. 2021

Hurricane threats to military infrastructure in a warming world and possible adaption and mitigation strategies

With respect to global warming the armed forces differentiate between the impact

22 Apr. 2021

Role of windfarms for national grids – challenges, risks, and chances for energy security

Chapter 1 – Wind Energy Systems and TechnologiesChapter 2 – Radar Systems an

03 Apr. 2021

The hidden costs of solar photovoltaic power

This article introduces readers to the many types of fossil fuels that are used

02 Apr. 2021

Nitrogen based propellants as substitute for carbon containing fuels

Nitrogen based fuels have several advantages over carbon-based fuels. No greenho

12 Mar. 2021

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative propellant in the naval field

The fuel or energy source has a large impact on the operating emissions in shipp

26 Feb. 2021

Hybrid warfare against Critical Energy Infrastructure: The Case of Ukraine

This study identifies and analyses the success of different hybrid warfare tools

18 Feb. 2021

The Synchronization of the Baltic States’: Geopolitical Implications on the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond

The paper shows that the Baltic States are consistently getting closer to achiev

30 Nov. 2020

Energy Highlights No.14

This issue of Energy Highlights is a direct response to these challenges we face

03 Jun. 2020

Energy Highlights No.13

This issue of Operational Highlights provides a timely overview of the emerging

31 Mar. 2020

The study on legal analysis of military activities hindering energy installations in the Exclusive Economic Zone or International water: Chornomornaftogaz rigs case in the Black Sea and the NordBalt cable case in the Baltic Sea

The aim of this study is to address legal challenges and ambiguities of hybrid w

12 Dec. 2019

Energy Management in a Military Expeditionary Environment: an assessment of three energy management case studies in operational settings

This report presents a research project led by the NATO ENSEC COE that focuses o

28 Oct. 2019

Tabletop exercise: Coherent Resilience 2019 (CORE 19) – Final Report

Coherent Resilience 2019 (CORE 19) was a Tabletop Exercise (TTX) on the Baltic S

24 May. 2019

IESMA 2018 Special Edition

The Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications (IESMA), a biennial in

13 Feb. 2019

IMO 2020 Regulation and the Potential Effects to the Refining and Shipping Markets

By Cuneyt KAZOKOGLU, contribution by Dr. Tadas JAKŠTAS

06 Feb. 2019

Performance Analysis of Hybrid Power Generation and Management System – PHASE 1 REPORT

This Report summarizes the experience gained by NATO ENSEC COE over 2016-2018 wh

01 Jan. 2019

Energy Highlights No.12

Changing security aspects for future energy systems: Renewable energy and possib

19 Apr. 2018

Recommendations on the importance of critical energy infrastructure (CEI) stakeholder engagement, coordination and understanding of responsibilities in order to improve security – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The main objective of this study, which was requested from the Lithuanian Minist

18 Dec. 2017

Energy Highlights No.11

Energy Security: Eight Relevant LessonsMICHAEL RÜHLERelevant political and tech

25 Jul. 2017

Energy Security Forum No.10: IESMA 2016 Special Edition

In November, 2016 NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE) had

21 Mar. 2017

“Energy Efficiency: Cultural Change” – Final Report of the Second Part of the Study

Authors: Jūratė Černevičiūtė, Orsetta Chichinato, Leonardo Piccinetti, Maa

10 Feb. 2017

Hybrid Threats: Overcoming Ambiguity, Building Resilience

On 10th-11th September 2015, NATO Energy Centre of Excellence (ENSEC COE) organi

10 Apr. 0216

Energy Highlights No.10

Estonia’s Developing Level Playing Field for Critical Energy Infrastructure Pr

02 Dec. 2015

Energy Security Forum: IESMA 2014 Special Edition

In November 2014, the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence and the State Mi

15 Oct. 2015

Energy Highlights No.9

Energy Resource Management of the Italian ArmyCIRO APREA AND VINCENZO CARI’Ove