26 Jul. 2021

The aim of the present report is to provide an analysis of the energy security measures implemented by Russia, an energy exporter country, together with the implications that such actions have on NATO countries and on its energy-reliant partners. The findings suggest that the concept of Energy Security, one traditionally linked to energy-importer countries, is also dominant among the Russian political élite, as per official documents such as the Russia’s energy strategy to 2035, and Energy Security Doctrines. Interestingly enough, a discrepancy can however be noted between what stated in the above-mentioned documents and the actual role played by the energy sector, with the latest maintaining its strategic and geopolitical pivotal role in Russia. Evidence suggests that the relationship between Energy Security of resource-rich countries and importers is a multifaceted one, presenting both shared concerns and interdependency issues, as different and irreconcilable views.