06 Feb. 2019

This Report summarizes the experience gained by NATO ENSEC COE over 2016-2018 when the possibility of using a deployable Hybrid Power Generation and Management System (further HPGS) capable of exploiting renewable energy sources (solar, wind) as well as conventional power generation (diesel fuel generators) had been tested. Where possible, direct comparative tests were conducted with conventional power generators. Additionally, the feedback from the personnel responsible for operating and servicing the HPGS was received and analyzed.

The Report gives the analysis of HPGS prototype delivered by PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH (further PFISTERER) in 2016 as part of a NATO ENSEC COE five-year project with the objective to investigate HPGS as a valuable solution in increasing the energy security at military deployed camps. It details the progress of HPGS testing history and provides the analysis of three-year test results, including the deployment during three national/international military exercises.