24 - 28 Oct. 2022 Versaille, France

The TableTop Exercise (TTX) Coherent Resilience 2022 (CORE 22-CEPS) has been co-organized by the NATO ENSEC COE, Central Europe Pipeline System Programme Office (CEPS PO) and the US Naval Postgraduate School.

This TTX focused on the resilience of the CEPS regarding cyberattacks and cyber threats and the aim was to assess the CEPS ability to mitigate the impact of a cyber-incident while managing to maintain continuity of operations in delivering volumes to military as well as non-military customers.

The exercise planning started in November 2021 and the execution of the exercise took place in October 2022.

The Initial Planning Conference (IPC) was held on 9-11 February 2022. The Main Planning Conference (MPC) was held on 26-27 April 2022 at the CEPS PO facilities.

This TTX is part of the CORE series exercises which started in 2014. These exercises focus on the resilience of energy infrastructure and energy supply in a range of regions, countries, and systems. CORE 14, CORE 16, CORE 19 and Core 21-B are focused on the Baltic States, while CORE 17 and CORE 20 focused on Ukraine and Black see, CORE 22-G on the Caucasus region.