11 Nov. 2023

On the 13-17th of November Tabletop Exercise “Coherent Resilience 2023 Baltic” was taking place in Riga, Latvia. More than hundred participants from different countries, institutions and companies gathered to find new solutions how to protect maritime energy infrastructure in Baltic Sea, manage crisis, mitigate hybrid threats, deal with the maritime law and strategic communication.

This exercise was organized by the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence and the European Commission Joint Research Centre, as well as supported by the US Naval Postgraduate School.

“Lithuania and the Allies are conscious about the severe necessity to ensure protection of the energy infrastructure in the Baltic Sea, especially with the current security situation in the region in mind. The exercise is particularly relevant for the times, it is an invaluable opportunity to collaborate to troubleshoot vulnerabilities and improve resilience and readiness for any threat,” said Vice Minister of National Defence Žilvinas Tomkus at  DV Day Friday.   

The scenario, vignettes and injects for the exercise were designed in accordance with the NATO’s collective training guidelines to ensure productive and fruitful discussions. The outcomes of this exercise were captured, evaluated, and will be shared with all participants and stakeholders. This was a discussion-based exercise with the focus on assessing, developing, and improving process and procedures.