NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

Cooperation with the National Institute for Strategic Studies of Ukraine

On July 8, 2015 the Round Table Workshop on Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection with Ukrainian institutions was organised at The NATO ENSEC COE. The workshop was startet at by welcome address of Colonel Gintaras Bagdonas and followed by two sessions.

After the workshop Director of the NATO ENSEC COE Colonel Gintaras Bagdonas signed the Letter of Intent on Cooperation with the National Institute for Strategic Studies of Ukraine.

Both Parties have indicated the Letter their intent on the following: share the good practice in the area concerned; exchange of the experts and researchers within the joint projects; organize joint seminars, workshops and trainings; facilitate the engagement of the students into internship and young scholars into fellowship programs.

Cooperation with Ukraine 

Cooperation with Ukraine started with invitation of representatives of NATO ENSEC COE to participate at working meeting on Green Book on Critical Infrastructure Protection in Kiev, organized by National Institute for Strategic Studies of Ukraine. The Subject matter experts from the NATO ENSEC COE contributed to the development of Green Book, in course of whitch, they gained valuable experience. 

Initial interest of NATO ENSEC COE was to seek support for the “Hybrid Warfare and Critical Energy Infrastructure:  The Ukrainian Conflict Case-Study”, but it  grew up into more broad cooperation framework, where both institutions started supporting each other with sharing experts and material on relevant topics.